Michael and Jenna Dickson both enjoy creating and exploring ideas together. Their passions include storytelling, traveling, and hiking with their two dogs. 


Founded in 2006, Punchkin Entertainment is a small media company that specializes in photography and videography. With a wide array of experiences in both film and live event industries all over the United States, Michael leads Punchkin Entertainment with both a creative and business orientated mindset. Michael enjoys working with all sorts of people and animals and is known for his endless energy and hilarious voice impressions.


Jenna created Punchkin Books in 2019 after years of writing and inspiration. She intends to grow the business with an addition of several fantasy novels that are currently being written, along with screenplays by Michael. Jenna enjoys working with and training rescue horses, snowboarding, gardening, and skijoring with the dogs.



Punchkin Entertainment

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