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Ruby bright blood speckled the snowy white of the forest clearing under the darkening sky. Mary gazed through the trees as the fizzle of her hereditary magic faded from her veins. It was almost pretty - the red against the white. Like the frothy top of the red velvet latte she made for customers at her shop...

Excerpt from A New Witch in the Northwoods by Jenna Dickson

There's a new witch in the northwoods...


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Michael Dickson founded Punchkin Entertainment in 2006 as a small media company that specializes in photography and video production. Jenna Dickson founded Punchkin Books as a division of the company to focus on their love of written stories. 

Michael has worked as camera operator, video director, and/or technical director on projects such as the Jeff Dunham Tour, Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic, numerous festivals, and concerts with OAR, Cold War Kids, Switchfoot, 3 Doors Down, Gaelic Storm, and Rascal Flatts. Michael has also worked on many shows in the television and feature film industry, earning a Regional Emmy Award for a reality TV show called "What's Next?"

Entertainment Awards include a 2008 International Telly for Best Short Action Film for REMNANT, a 2005 New York Independent Film Festival Feature Comedy Film for MISFORTUNE, and a 2009 official selection for Canadian broadcast Heinz commercial titled SO DIVINE. 

Book Awards include Top Ten Winner of the 2021 Launch Pad Prose Competition, plus #1 Fantasy Book/Manuscript of the Month and #4 placement for the year on the Coverfly Redlist.

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Magic Changes You

"What is magic? Is it not something we are all born with? A veil exists in untouched lands of the mind that only few will acknowledge. Magic is in the leaves of the trees, the water trickling through the creek, in the wind as it whispers around you."

Jenna Dickson

A New Witch in the Northwoods

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